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CMS Features


nimble, no frills, simply functional!

The name is choosen by a combination of fly and lightweight in leaning of the boxing class flyghtweight - flyghtCMS was made minimalistic, clean and essential to create your small individual websites without much effort or expertise. My maingoal is to write as less code ass possible and keep full efford. No inflated code or functions to be fast and easy. It is only less than currently 450KB. All you need is a webserver/webspace running PHP 7.X with full write permission access granted for example on a free webspace hosting provider. Preferably apache2. No database needed. It simply does what it is supposed for. Easy to use control panel to make changes and editing content on the fly. It is distributed by the terms of the GPL 3.
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flyghtheme in action


watch demo of flyghtCMS

No release candidate for now, try for checking look and feel, also user experience. let me know what You dislike.
When there is a rc version i will put it to download immediatly.
  • UTF-8 Charset
  • GZIP compression setup
  • supporting AJAX and JQuery
  • BCRYPT authentification (single user)
  • session locker (prevent more then one logins)
  • changes settings on the fly
  • easy customize header, text, colors, menu
  • load premade style templates
  • build in lightbox gallery/ upload images to it
  • generates automatic thumbnails
  • very simple content editing
  • update and backup
  • download additional content from
  • counter and user online
  • file management
  • no external content
  • upload your own js/css/jpg/fly files, that be will automatically integrated
  • sitesearch
  • tooltips
  • less stats
  • loading googlefonts
  • object orientated
  • module loading support (eg. bootstrap, ...)
  • preloaders, progessbars, request status
  • NOT responsive

download download flyghtCMS zip 450KB
!no download if no rc version!

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