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Majesty 2 Complete + Cold Sunrise

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If you do not know this game than you should take a look on it: it is a hidden gem in the rough released back in 2009. Everything is about the defense: Majesty 2 is not a tipical, casual RTS. You have to set rewards and markers for your heroes to get them interested in and they will start working own their own. You do not control them. You can expand buildings to gain more items and powerful heroes. They even level up and can be transfered to other levels. They are equipping by themself and searching for items. You can transfer heroes to other levels (lords) and build veterans. It is pretty fun playing it but it can be tuff! I prefer the Majesty 2 Collection Version (complete with all expansions) from gog (for € 4,49) which is running on windows 10 and has german translation and audio. Every expansion offers more variety like textures, monsters and scenarios. The last official expansion setting is to play monsters. There is wonderful standalone expansion called cold sunrise (by torrent and english only), with more textures and models and even snow. There is a multiplayer mode, but no co-op just pvp. majesty-2-collector-dlc-fix

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