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Bossa Nova or everything is beautiful

#Musik #Brasilien #BossaNova

NOT a dance!

sure, you can dance quite good to it,the creation of the dance steps goes back to the trend of the dance movement in the 60s but not in connection with the invention. the steps are very plain and simple, not as types other brazilian dances. BN is listen when you sit chill.
Brazilians says that it is the high flowering of their culture. The Bossa Nova was founded in the late fifties at the copacabana in Rio. The first experimental artform, a mix of jazz and samba, created by the father of Bossa Antônio Carlos Jobim. João Gilberto (der Mann, der nicht gefunden werden will) and João Donato were also very influential. A numerous traditionally brazilian instruments are accompanying like agogo, maracas, rattles and the cuica, also known as the monkey drum ... mattention came in 1962 with a legendary concert at carnagie hall (ny), more publicity was reached through a film name black orpheus. the most famous songs are possibly the girl from ipanema (Garota de Ipanema) and one note samba (Samba De Uma Nota So) wich were often covered.
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The first bossa nova record released is Chega de saudade. Mostly the songs are arranged with drums, play the brazilian clave, piano or organ, guitar, base and brass or flute. Often a women choir was also provided. The lyrics belongs to sad moods with topics of love and other difficult problematics, where the melody is happily and groovy. It is a mirror of deep feelings of the brazilian soul. Astrud Gilberto should be named, first foreigner winning a grammy. BTW BN is very popular in japan. There is much more to tell about but i prefer you to dive into music now: Here are some of the most famous songs: Garota de Ipanema, A felicidade, Águas de Março, Desafinado, Triste, Wave, Água de beber, Só danço Samba, corcovado, summer samba (so nice), amazonas, Cidade Vazia, blue changa, mas que nada, Berimbau, Batacuda, chove chuva (constant rain), bim bom, groovy samba, ... Bossa Nova Playlist favorite songs if you search for mp3, might be a good source for you.

Badden Powell, Marcos Valle, Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66 (77) (2), Walter Wanderley, ...
Drumming (bateria) incluences by Milton Banana (< very virtuous), Dom Um Romão and Claudio Slon (< can be heared on very high amount of interpretations with many artists), Renato "Massa" Calmon (on the run with marcos), piano: Joao Gilberto, Sergio Mendes. hammond organ: Walter Wanderley
there is also a small group of foreign artists who played BN like Lalo Shifrin, Cannonball Adderley (sax), Charlie Byrd, Richard Groove Hoolmes (Organ), Art Blakey, Stan Getz (sax), Frank Sinatra, Cal Tjader (Vibraphone), etc.

For drummers: there is a trick getting the groove quickly on cross stick: play sidestick once than play 2 times hihat, repeat - on the 3rd tact play sidestick than 3 times hit hat - thats it, just shifted. It is like a small a paradiddle effect. thats for 2/4. after handling it you can come to 8th hihat. Kick can played at 1, 2+, 3 and 4+ like a heartbeat. video , most drummers begin with kick but it is not a must! That is the basics, but it can become more variational.
Classical bossa nova pattern:

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