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CMS Corporate Design/Logo Server Apache fine tuning Linux ( )

CMS Contents

created for small to medium sized websites, no programming knowledge required (for virtual servers apache needs to be fine tuned)
Newest HTML5, CSS3 and Ajax technics
Firefox optimized. version 0.0.1-015 pre-alpha from 26-02-2014
Greater CMS Frameworks like Typo3, Typolight (Contao), Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla often have critical security gaps! I make sure that the code is always safe.
  • powerful Admin Panel
  • filemanager/ Editor
  • editable Menu switch between horizontal or vertical
  • custom css, switch between styles (4 styles included)
  • lightbox/gallery with upload form
  • prettify (source code syntax highlighting)
  • flowplayer, now with custom images
  • Guestbook / editable
  • bb code editor (needs to be patched)
  • counter
  • additional shop
  • ssl ready
  • htaccess or mysql_auth_db
  • search (works but needs to be patched)
  • graphical stats (depends on clf log file)
  • shows User online
  • newsletter (needs a mailserver eg. postfix)
  • filebrowser (needs to be patched)/upload form
  • rating
  • additional pdf output (requires PDFLibLite)
  • image manager GIF/PNG/JPEG plus convolution matrix filter
  • suggest function
  • voting function
  • Carousel
  • Progress Bars
  • including 9 different style for any usage (in just 2 clicks!)
... User friendly

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